Sunday, November 9, 2008

Beaded Butterfly II

I just have fallen in love with making these! I asked Hannah (my 14-year-old daughter) what colors to use and she said peacock. So this is what emerged.

Next to take flight will be colors of my choosing. Soft golds, cream and beige. Here's the progress so far. I wish I could keep working, but I'm off to grocery shop and get Hannah a haircut.


Tracey N. said...

Beautiful Lynn! You have really found something fun to do havent you? Its so much fun when you find something that excites you and brings out your creativity isnt it? I know when i find something I really like to do, its all I think about, night and day! I cant wait to see how this gold/cream one turns out. Those are my kind of colors. Now if you were to make a chocolate and blue one, I may have to tackle you for it!

Carol said...

Lynn, these are so pretty. The neat thing is you can just change colors and have a whole different look. Going to love seeing what else you do with them.

GraceBeading said...

Ahhhh so very pretty, your beading is exquisite!