Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wallet Progress

Jenna's wallet is turning out quite cute. Its a very fun color scheme and the outside pockets and coin motif are finished. The black velvet is so so soft. I love working on it, though I find that alot of beads disappear against it, so the bright pink works well. I used a coin my girlfriend brought me from Trinidad/Tabago which I surrounded with peyote stitch and then I made a sunburst pattern around that using 3 mm faceted AB clear rounds and size 11 seed beads for the points. Just a bit more embellishing and I will be ready to sew the lining.

I always use shot glasses to keep my seed beads separated while I work. They are perfect since you can see through them and when I'm finished with a certain color for a bit, they slide easily over my vellux blanket piece that I use for a beading mat, while the beads stay under the glass. Another handy and unconventional 'tool' I use in beading is a small scallop shell that makes a perfect bead scoop. My leather thimble and a sweet little flower topped straight pin are two more implements I couldn't be without. If you look closely you can see all these in this picture.

I'm using some fabulous vintage flat backed faceted jet beads from a necklace that I picked up at an estate sale. I have a hard time 'parting' with them, since I know I'm sure I will never find them again once they are gone. But they look much better on this wallet than they do in a heap on my table!


GraceBeading said...

Hi Lynn,

The wallet is beautiful, the colors are wonderful and the beading incredible.

I really enjoyed reading about your process and how you work, in particular - your shot glass idea.

Thanks so much for sharing the photos, I look forward to tracking your progress

Tracey N. said...

Hi Lynn, first of all thanks for your comment on my blog! i love this wallet. The color combination is so fresh and lovely. I dont know how you do it! How is twigs coming along? You should post an update on him. Did you figure out how to support his neck? you do such beautiful work! Congratulations. Hugs, Tracey